Anarchist Audio Update #1: Where Have We Been?

(Let’s see if I can get this written and published in like, 5 minutes…)

Hi friends! You may have noticed a lack of audio content here at the Anarchist Audio Archive for the past, like, two weeks. That’s because I started getting sick midway through the first week, and I didn’t have any sort of backlog recorded or ready to go. This is a learning process, and I’ve learned my first major thing: always be prepared for breaks like the one we just took.

One way to do that is obviously just record a buttload of content and edit it in chunks so it can be posted. Which is a great plan of action in the best of times, but even though I’m at about 98 percent wellness my voice still gets raw and raspy really quickly, and the prospect of recording a few hours’ worth of recordings after I get home from the job where I talk to people all day just… doesn’t seem like a great idea right now.

But the show must go on and the Archive must continue to be filled, even if it’s not a one-person operation. I’ll be working through the weekend on finding and implementing a good submission system for folks who are interested and want to record themselves reading historical and current anarchist literature for inclusion in the Archive.

I don’t really have a great way to close this out, save for simply saying: thanks for the support and we’ll see you soon!